A single mum took to TikTok to tell the heartwarming story of two youths who not only carried her sleeping 7-month-old baby at the “massive” queue while they were at the Johor Bahru customs, but also saw to it that she, the baby, and her older son made it home safely.

“Find them For Me!” Ms Zulaikha, who goes by @sitizulaikha0410 on the platform, captioned her Sept 26 (Monday) video.


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She and her two children had waited in the queue for two hours, which was especially hard for the woman, as her older child had just gotten sick, and her baby was already sleepy.

But two young men, aged 18 and 21, turned out to be her heroes that day.

They offered to carry the sleeping baby during the first hour they waited in line.

The woman may have naturally felt some reluctance at first, but agreed as the boys “genuinely wanted to help.”

When they all realised they’d arrive in Singapore by midnight and found out that they all lived close to each other, the youths offered to give the mum a lift in the taxi they’d take.

And when the mum was called to a priority lane toward the end of the queue, she still waited for the boys, as she “didn’t want to be selfish after saying yes to their help.”

The youths continued their acts of kindness to the woman, helping her carry the sleeping baby to the bus and even calming the infant down when the mum was separated momentarily.

She added that the youths actually made it through customs first, but still waited for her and her family. 

The mum got a taxi, and proceeded to drop off one of the boys at Woodland, and then went on to Punggol, where she and the other boy live.

The youths even offered to help pay for the taxi, but the grateful mum said no.

Till the end, the boy who lives in Punggol helped her with his luggage, despite having many bags himself.

“They are 18 and 21-year-old boys who take the responsibility” of a man, the woman wrote.

She ended her video with a message for the boys: “Thank you for the help rendered, I sincerely appreciate it.

I just wanna say, your parents brought you up perfectly. And they will be proud of you.” /TISG

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