Food prices have definitely increased recently, much to the dismay of everyone who loves affordable and delicious food in Singapore, as well as those who sell it.

One customer, however, said they were “really shocked” at spending $9 for an order of one chicken wing, one chilli fish cake, and one kosong mee goreng.

“Expected at price like $6-$7. Really shocked when I get back my $1 change,” wrote 彭耀興 in a Sept 26 (Monday) Facebook post on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page.

 彭耀興 bought their meal at Nasi Pedang at Kopitiam in Terminal 3 of Changi Airport, whose website says “good food” is “affordable for everyone.”

They posted photos of the dish and the receipt of what they’d paid.

Netizens appeared to agree that the price of the dish had been expensive indeed.

Some argued that airport food is really expensive and that it’s better for people to have a meal before they go there.

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However, the poster answered in one comment, “If want treat singaporean workers like tourists than good luck.”

One woman commented that “No matter where you go, Nasi Padang is usually the costliest,” adding that those who choose that stall should be prepared to pay the price.

Others commented that prices have gone up everywhere.

Some recommended the airport’s staff canteen, where prices are less expensive and there are more food choices.


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