SINGAPORE: An elderly man took to social media to ask Singaporeans if they would risk switching careers at a late age.

“Would you job hop at age of 55 for salary?” the man asked on Reddit. “Daughter is 15 years old. 5 room HDB is still on mortgage, no car, wife has stable job.”

“Currently holding a stable iron bowl at a non management position in the government sector. Would you job hop to another job offer with 20% increment or stay out till retirement?”

In the comments section, opinions were divided on whether the man should risk changing careers at his age.

Some Redditors advised him to stay in his government job, emphasizing that it’s a much better choice compared to taking a job in the private sector, where the risk of being retrenched is high.

One Redditor expressed, “I wouldn’t do it even if it’s 50% extra without a guarantee of 10 years commitment. 100% might be worth a consideration. 20% hike shouldnt even be getting an email response.”

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On the other hand, another Redditor cautioned, “You still got multiple commitments, housing, and kid (until she can find a job). Risky. How much savings? 20% is tempting. But are they offering because of your experience?

Otherwise, you may lose out to other younger candidates in the same team eventually. 

They can work faster, harder and willing to take a lower package. You must know your value to both current and potential company and make your decision from there.”

Some also warned him about potential difficulties in finding another job at his age if he were to be laid off. One Redditor shared, “My dad is your age and he literally can’t find a job despite years of experience, just because he’s ‘old’”

Still, there were those who viewed the 20% raise as a compelling reason to consider a career switch. 

One Redditor wrote, “I would, 20% is a lot. Had to fight tooth and nail for a 20% increase during my hop. And 55, still got another 10 years. Seeing how if you coast, with 3% increment you only get that level in 7 years. Go for it dude.”

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While another stated, “Yes hop for the 20%.”

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