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Woman falls off seat in Eunos coffee shop, head injury requires 3 stitches

A male friend says that "the screw somehow loosened and the seat suddenly flipped"




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Singapore — A 68-year-old woman fell backwards from her seat in a coffee shop in Eunos on Monday morning (Nov 16) and suffered a head injury that required three stitches.

The woman, Ms Hui Khuan Heng, was at that time with a friend, Ms Loo Siew Lan, 70, at the Yong Li Coffee Station along Eunos Crescent Block 1A, according to tnp.sg.

Ms Loo, who was nearby placing an order for drinks, had asked Ms Hui if she wanted coffee. When Ms Hui, who was seated, turned to answer her, she ended up falling backwards.

A male friend of Ms Hui told zaobao.com.sg: “The screw somehow loosened and the seat suddenly flipped. She couldn’t react in time. Her entire person fell backwards and her head hit the seat behind her with a loud sound.”

While Ms Hui was initially not very concerned as she has fallen in the past, she had this time sustained a 5-cm gash on her scalp that was bleeding badly.

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“I was not scared when I fell because I fall often and when that happens, I will see a doctor,” she said.

Ms Loo used tissue to apply pressure on the gash while someone called an ambulance. Other people helped Ms Hui up and gave Ms Loo tissues to clean up the blood.

According to tnp.sg, the Singapore Civil Defence Force received a call for help at about 10.25 that morning. Ms Hui was taken to Changi General Hospital, where her wound was stitched. She was discharged by 2 pm.

According to asiaone.com, her husband told zaobao.com.sg that she was accompanied to the hospital by their son. Both hoped the management of the coffee shop would take responsibility for the incident.

The manager of Yong Li Coffee Station, who was identified as Mr Chong, was quoted by tnp.sg as saying that the coffee shop had been renovated in February this year, and that the benches were only 10 months old.

“We hope she will be fine and we will reach out and communicate with her to discuss what can be done and how we can compensate her.

“We will be more strict in checking the work done by the contractors to make sure it is safe,” he said. /TISG

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