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Will Mahathir allow events to dictate his next move?

As becomes increasingly rife with scandals and political intrigue, Dr M has some big decisions to make in the wake of recent happenings




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It is clear the succession of videos – fabricated or not – planted on social media by some evil forces has impacted the future of the country in many ways.

It will also impact decisions made by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with regards to the country’s leadership.

This is a game changer that has invariably influenced the intricate and secret leadership tussle within the main Pakatan Harapan party, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

The video series is bound to overshadow the political future of Economic Affairs Minister the number two in the , the party of Anwar Ibrahim, the Prime Minister to be and party leader.

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It also appears that Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has his hands full with scandals every time he takes the lead in the country.

When he became PM the first time years ago he had to deal with a series of scandals that broke out in . They were financial or political in nature, but the old fox came on top despite these dark moments.

Then came the Anwar story with its sex scandals and sodomy charges for which he paid a heavy price, though it has since been written-off by a royal decree.

The unexpected twist in Anwar’s story is that Dr Mahathir had to seek support from his opposition coalition to oust PM Najib Razak.

Today, Malaysia is rife with conspiracy theories similar to the early days of the reformasi movement launched by Anwar after his sacking as deputy Prime Minister.

Anwar was politically dead, left in jail to be buried and forgotten, but he surged again as a tough political animal, one that Dr Mahathir himself has not seen before.

Yet, his resurgence has to do with the ’s incessant fight with Azmin and Nurul Izzah’s gangs battling through thick and thin against the mighty Barisan Nasional.

While Azmin played a wait-and-see role in the Cabinet, ministers and PKR leaders close to him opposed Anwar’s re-entry in Parliament, lambasting the party leadership for forcing his election as a Member of Parliament in Port Dickson.

This was the beginning of a protracted battle within the PKR. The battle is now almost over, say observers, with Anwar’s path to the Prime Minister’s seat unopposed.

Azmin will have a tough time clearing his name from the gay sex scandal with more videos in store. His early exit from the political scene is being fabricated with many saying he will not have the same staying factor as Anwar did after he faced the multitude of sex scandals.

It is now in the powers of Dr Mahathir to decide the next move and this decision will shape the country’s immediate future.

Will Dr M finally set the stage for Anwar’s rise as the next PM by agreeing on a date of departure, allowing Anwar to make his entry in the Cabinet? This will mean the retreat of Malaysia’s first ever woman deputy Prime Minister in history. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail will have to leave to allow Anwar, her husband, to take over as Deputy PM.

In the scuffle surrounding the appointment of Latheefa Koya, a strong critic of Anwar Ibrahim as the new Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission head, Dr Mahathir defended his right to appoint people. He says it is his right to decide, as he is the one who decides for all the important posts.

It looks like the time for Dr Mahathir to decide on Anwar’s next big job is here. Will he decide or will he let events dictate his decision?

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