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Malaysians gets first hand experience of Deepfake tech in scandal rich country




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Malaysians are getting a first hand look at the rapidly evolving video technology and how it can be used to target politicians.

Pakatan Harapan supporters and die hards are fighting back against allegations of gay sex against the Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali after several videos showing two men in gay sex acts.

They are saying the videos are fake and are fabricated with new technology available on the internet, such as FakeApp or video programmes such as .

The apps are available on mobile phones, downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store while the reports say it is easier to use Artificial Intelligence to fake videos.

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Anyone who is clever enough they say, to repeat what Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said, can fake any videos.

While not specifically mentioning which app was probably used, one of the pro-Pakatan Facebook news site says the video is a ‘’ that is a video technique for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence.

The Pakatan supporters also believe the video is a porn production involving an actor by the name of Carlos Rivera, a gay porn actor.

They say there is a similarity in the look between Rivera and Azmin. Others are pointing out that Haziq Aziz, the man who confessed that he is the person in the video with the minister does not a mole in the video.

The question they are asking is where did his mole go in the sex video while in his confession video he has a mole.

Other Facebook users are posting samples of videos used with an app called to show how the faces of people are superimposed and voices are added to create fake videos.

Most of the Pakatan leaders, including Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Mahathir and Nurul Izzah Anwar have defended Azmi.

But Pakatan and Parti Keadilan Rakyat, the party of Anwar and Azmin is split in the middle on the matter.

Trying to find the source of the video leak, the police arrested an Umno member Lokman Adam for refusing to cooperate.

Luqman made a police report requesting the police to go down to the bottom of this affair to find the origin of the video, but the irony is he was arrested for refusing to hand over his mobile phone to the police.

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