SINGAPORE: Despite a long weekend celebrating Chinese New Year, Singaporeans banded together in an online forum to talk about how quickly the holiday seemed to pass by.

“Where did my CNY long weekend go?” an online user asked in a forum on Monday (Feb 12). Included in the post was a meme that poked fun at how the weekend festivities seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

One even went so far as to say that all the family gatherings over the weekend made getting through the holiday feel like being at work.

Interestingly, the post seemed to resonate with a handful of online users who expressed similar sentiments in the comments section.

“(I’m) not going to lie,” said one, “This is bad, but given all the visiting (even with some of the older relatives passed on) makes each day feel like half a work day. If the two days were in the middle of the week I have to take one extra day to recover”

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Another laughed and said, “I spent most of all three days hiding at home relaxing.”

“I just spent three days prepping and cooking food…there goes my Chinese New Year break,” a third shared, while a fourth wrote, “Ugh, weekly meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m feeling blues now.”

Still, another compared how January and February seemed to go by: “January was so long but we’re already almost halfway through February.”

A few others discussed their sentiments on the holiday falling on weekdays, as the Chinese New Year in 2025 will take place in the middle of the week.

“Next year is Wednesday and Thursday,” wrote one.

To this, another responded, “To be honest, I prefer mid-week breaks. Long weekends are always crowded everywhere anyway.

For the same reason, I take long weekends as rest and use annual leave on regular weekends when possible. What’s the point in going somewhere when it’s extra crowded?”

Another agreed and wrote, “We think alike man. My leaves are always taken during the weekdays, with my favourite being Wednesday because it splits the week in half…that way you work two days, rest, work another two days and then it’s the weekends.”

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