The messy drawn-out divorce saga of Taiwanese Mandopop superstar Wang Leehom and his ex-wife Li Jinglei seems to have reached a new round.

Even though Ms Li said on Instagram before Christmas that she wanted to end the online spat with her former husband, she has now put up a new post on Instagram that makes serious allegations against him.

She feared for her children’s safety and her own, she said, as three men arrived with Wang at her Taipei home, when he was supposed to visit their children, despite her asking him to come on his own.

Wang explained that he asked two staff to go  with him. Li, however, said that there was also a third man present whom she did not recognise.

She posted a photo of someone she said was Wang knocking on the door, accompanied by the three men.

Photo: IG screengrab/ jl.leilei

She said that according to the terms of their divorce, if either parent wanted to bring along another person to visit the children, both parties must agree to it.

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The visit attempt took place on Sunday (Jan 9) said The South China Morning Post (SCMP), which reported that Ms Li filed a police report that afternoon.

Li wrote in her post that her ex-husband had asked her to switch off the surveillance equipment before . She declined to do so.

SCMP translated excerpts of Ms Li’s post which was written in Chinese.

“I felt it was strange and started to feel afraid. I told you there is only me, three children and a female maid at home. Your actions have made me feel frightened.”

She said the children also grew frightened when Wang banged on the door several times after discovering that his key no longer worked.

“Luckily we had locked the door from inside. Otherwise, I don’t know what else you would do. The kids were all crying when they saw this. My hands couldn’t stop shaking,” Li wrote.

Moreover, she said, Wang’s company was circulating rumours that she wanted to commit suicide. She added ominously:  “if anything happens to me, it definitely won’t be suicide.”

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In response to these accusations, Wang’s agency  said that his lawyer had advised him not  to visit his children on his own, but to be accompanied by a third party. The news portal carried the statement from Wang’s agency, SCMP said.

“Because of the resistance from Lee Jinglei, Wang Leehom didn’t manage to see his children. Wang Leehom is very sad. He missed his children so much but he couldn’t hug them,” the statement read. /TISG


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