Vin Diesel faces legal action over alleged physical misconduct by a woman who briefly served as his assistant over ten years ago. In the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, Asta Jonasson, a recent film school graduate at the time, claims Diesel groped, forcibly kissed, and self pleasured in front of her in his Atlanta hotel room during filming for the Fast & Furious franchise’s fifth installment in September 2010.

The incident reportedly occurred when Jonasson, instructed by Diesel’s security, went to the St. Regis hotel to escort him. However, he allegedly assaulted her, disregarding her objections as he pinned her against a wall and made unwanted advances. Following the incident, Jonasson alleges she was wrongfully terminated by Diesel’s production company, One Race Productions, in retaliation for resisting the assault.

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Diesel refuted the claim entirely

The complaint implies that her termination was a consequence of her resistance and suggests a cover-up by the company. Diesel’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, vehemently denies the allegations, stating that Diesel refutes the claim entirely and was unaware of this accusation from over a decade ago, backed by evidence contradicting the claims.

Jonasson, bound by a nondisclosure agreement, was enabled to bring forth the allegations due to legislation such as the Speak Out Act and California’s AB 2777, which temporarily suspends the statute of limitations for cases involving physical harassment or assault. This legal shift has led to similar lawsuits against other prominent figures like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Russell Brand, and Axl Rose, allowing older claims to resurface despite time limitations.

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