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Taylor Swift’s most recent album, “Midnights,” has reignited speculation about the inspirations behind her songs. A TikTok user named Jessica McLane, claiming to have attended Hendersonville High School in Tennessee alongside Swift, shared insights into the singer’s high school days.

Back in 2006, McLane recalls being a freshman while Swift, a junior, had just released “Teardrops on my Guitar” over the summer. McLane remembers that when Swift started gaining immense success in the music industry at around 16 or 17, many classmates held animosity toward her. These weren’t just random internet comments but sentiments from peers who had witnessed Swift’s journey.

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Jealousy played a role

McLane points out that jealousy played a significant role in these negative feelings, especially since they were in close proximity to Nashville, a city teeming with aspiring musicians. While local talents were performing in nearby venues without much recognition, Swift’s decision to pursue music and subsequent triumphs stirred resentment among her high school peers.

In subsequent videos, McLane stands by her observations, admitting that she didn’t personally know Swift but was connected to people in her class. She asserts that during high school, there weren’t many positive things said about Swift.

Swift invited her senior class to the CMAs

McLane also mentions an incident where Swift invited their entire senior class to the 2009 Country Music Association Awards (CMAs). While the reason behind the invitation remained unclear, McLane acknowledges the excitement it generated among them, suggesting that it might have been a subtle message from Swift.

McLane suggests that Swift’s deliberate approach to her career and personal life aligns with her reputation for expressing her feelings through her music, especially regarding relationships, friendships, and conflicts.

Swift planned ahead

Additionally, McLane hints at Swift’s strategic planning, noting the release of “Midnights” on Kim Kardashian’s birthday, suggesting a deliberate move by Swift.

Although McLane’s insights provide a glimpse into Swift’s high school years and dynamics with her classmates, Swift herself hasn’t commented on these specific claims. Nonetheless, Swift’s ability to translate her experiences into chart-topping songs remains a defining feature of her career, sparking ongoing discussions among fans and critics about “Midnights” and its inspirations.

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