The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle appeared in an advertisement on Instagram recently as an intern in a coffee advertisement. She appeared for the company, Clevr Brands. 

The commercial saw her appearing as an intern doing typical jobs in the office such as stacking boxes, preparing hot drinks and working at a computer. 

The advertisement ended with Markle doing a fist bump with a colleague and the video closing with laughter in the background. 

Markle made an investment in Clevr Blends in 2020, the coffee maker specialises in oat latte products. 

She recently promoted the product by sending a basket of coffee to Oprah Winfrey who shared the products online. 

Markle and Mendoza

She also captioned a photo of herself alongside the brand’s co-founder and CEO Hannah Mendoza saying, “One of my favourite ways to start and end each day.” 

The brand focuses on women’s wellness and is located not far from where the Duchess lives in Montecito.

Markle has been vocal about advocating women’s brands and entrepreneurship stating, “This investment is in support of a passionate female entrepreneur who prioritizes building community alongside her business,” she told Fortune magazine way back in 2019. 

“I’m proud to invest in Hannah’s commitment to sourcing ethical ingredients and creating a product that I personally love and has a holistic approach to wellness,” said Markle. 

Mendoza said that it was important for entrepreneurs not just to have funding but also to have investors and advisers who cared passionately about the brand they are building. 

The passion

Mendoza added that Markle’s passion was palpable and there could not have been more of an aligned partnership than with the Duchess. 

The brand first started as a pop-up coffee bar in 2016 before evolving into a full fledged wellness company. 

“We traveled around the US, waxing lyrical about the magic of plants. People listened, they felt better in their bodies and minds, and we created Clevr to make those feelings easier to reach,” said Mendoza. 

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