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Using case studies can be an excellent marketing strategy, especially for making B2B connections




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Not all case studies are created equal. You have to come up with a masterpiece. You shouldn’t invest resources in promoting a case study that is not-so-powerful and isn’t persuasive

Your customers are more likely to trust a case study as compared to an ad. Case studies are reported to be the best source of word-of-mouth marketing and are 20 times effective than traditional marketing. Statistics show that case studies are the fifth most popular marketing technique used by UK marketers and as much as 63 per cent marketers reported that case studies are an effective marketing tactic.

case studies statistics

The core issue with startups is that they don’t have enough case studies to impress their customers unless you’re the CEO of Comcast and can release XFINITY mobile to your existing customer base of 29 million. It can work for Comcast, Verizon, Amazon, or other large enterprises but small and relatively new businesses have to carefully craft their marketing strategy and must use case studies to increase revenue.

Case study promotion and marketing

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Not all case studies are created equal. You have to come up with a masterpiece. You shouldn’t invest resources in promoting a case study that is not-so-powerful and isn’t persuasive.

To make your case study persuasive, stick to this simple three-step formula:

  1. Find the biggest challenge your target audience faces;
  2. How your product/service solved that challenge of existing customers;
  3. Create a compelling story.

Once you have the case study ready, publish it immediately on your website, social networks, and on YouTube (if it is a video). Create a blog post and publish it on your blog. Add it in your newsletter and schedule it.

At this point, you have shown your case study to existing customers or subscribers who already know your brand. Go a step ahead and show it to people who don’t know your business.

Share it with your partners

Businesses don’t operate in isolation. People that work for your business as freelancers, business partners, vendors, suppliers, agencies, influencers, etc., are all your business partners.

There are businesses that generate more than 40 per cent revenue from their alliances. You cannot ignore your partners and alliances.

Tell them about your case study. Share the findings in a non-promotional way.

Your business partners are your business’s best friends. They will share your case study with their partners and clients. Why?

Because when your business grows, their business grows.

Think of your suppliers. If you don’t get any sales, they will soon be out of business.

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Even if your partners are in a totally different niche, you still have to share your case studies. Share it with all of them.

Guest blog about it

Write a killer blog post on your case study, share its results and findings, and send it to an authority site as guest post.

When Jon Cooper published a guest post on SEOmoz, he started receiving 400 new visitors a day up from 50 visitors a day. His post was syndicated on several relevant sites which resulted in some 80 backlinks.

Here is the rule to make your case study guest post do something similar.

  • Publish it on a relevant blog.
  • Make your case study non-promotional.
  • Explain the benefits and findings of the case study in detail.

Run an outreach campaign

This is my favorite case study marketing technique because it is the most effective approach to acquire backlinks that help improve search engine rankings and it is the best approach for getting traffic and sales.

  1. Convert your case study results into statistics. Not all the case studies can be converted into statistics. For instance, if you have a video customer testimonial, you cannot draw any statistics from it. However, if your project management app helped a business in reducing the time they spend on a project and helped them reduce email response time by 25 per cent, this is a kind of finding that provides a nice statistic.
  2. Find websites, blogs, resource pages, and other online sources that either share case studies or statistics. Run a search query with your primary keyword in your preferred search engine by adding case study, stats, statistics, case studies, and other relevant keywords.
  3. Send your case study and statistics in no more than a couple sentences to all the sites excluding your competitors.

Here is an example of a post that has shared a lot of statistics about project management.

project management stats example

Create a similar statistic from your case study and send it to the author for inclusion. If your statistic or case study is added, you’ll get a backlink with decent exposure.

Anyone who will use or cite your statistic, you’ll get a new backlink for free.

It all comes down to how powerful and insightful your case study is. Give it your best and it will never disappoint you.


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