MALAYSIA: Prominent Malaysian transgender influencer Nur Sajat has announced a devastating cancer diagnosis on social media.

Nur Sajat was born as Muhammad Sajjad bin Kamaruz Zaman was born in Perak, Malaysia and is a popular figure known for her advocacy for the rights of the LGBT community and achievements as an entrepreneur. In 2013, she took part in a transgender beauty pageant held in Thailand in 2013 and in 2017, she openly identified herself as a transgender woman.

In 2021, Sajat encountered legal troubles as she was charged with “insulting Islam” for donning traditional women’s attire during a religious event held on her own premises. During the same year, she sought asylum in Australia and was granted citizenship.


Sajat sakit cancer 🤔

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In a recent TikTok livestream that garnered a million views, Sajat disclosed her battle with cancer. Visibly upset, the 38-year-old shared, “I’m actually very sick, I have cancer.”

She added: “I’m just waiting to die, looks like I won’t have the time to ask for forgiveness, I’m very sick, I’m so sad.”

In another livestream, she cried and sought forgiveness. Amidst tears, she remarked that she sounds like an old grandmother and quipped: “If I die, who’s going to entertain you?”

The influencer said, “I want to get well so you can continue to insult me, if I die, you won’t have me to make fun of anymore.”

The revelation shocked and saddened many TikTok users, with many saying that they are praying for her speedy recovery while other apologised for hating on her and condemning her in the past.

One Malaysia said, “Sajat, if you’re reading this, I want to say sorry for hating on you in the past.”

Netizens who watched the full livestream have reported that Sajat is suffering from SV40, a virus that can cause tumours.

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