Titus Low Kaide

Singapore — A 22-year-old man, Titus Low Kaide, is accused of uploading scores of sexually explicit photos and videos online.

Titus Low Kaide allegedly put dozens of these photos and videos on  OnlyFans, a platform designed for content creators to post risqué pictures and videos for paid subscribers.

Apparently, he was so prolific that he was touted as “Singapore’s most subscribed male OnlyFans creator”.

But his massive online fame also brought him unwanted attention – the authorities discovered the images earlier this year.

On Sept 4 this year, the police received a report that a “man had allegedly transmitted, by electronic means, obscene materials in the form of images and videos of his private parts via his ‘OnlyFans’ account”, according to a statement from the Singapore Police Force.

This social media influencer is also well-known online across many other channels, with hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Titus Low Kaide may be the first person in Singapore to be prosecuted for transmitting obscene materials over OnlyFans.

Court documents say Low uploaded 32 pictures and 29 videos over one of his accounts on the platform earlier this year, between April and October.

The police say they told him not to access the account, but he apparently continued to do so in October, when he uploaded another three lewd pictures and five obscene videos.

On Oct 11, the police seized Titus Low Kaide’s OnlyFans account and served him an order under the Criminal Procedure Code. Not only was Low told not to access the account, but he was also warned that a breach of the order would amount to a criminal offence.

“Despite that, (he) allegedly wrote in to the OnlyFans administrators, claiming that his account was not secured, and a password reset was done,” the Police said in its statement.

The police issued another order under the Criminal Procedure Code not to access Low’s first OnlyFans account, as well as a second one where he had also uploaded obscene materials after Oct 11.

“The Police are presently conducting further investigations into possible fresh offences, including a further breach of the order which was served on 1 November 2021,” read the release.

Titus Low Kaide’s case will be heard again on Jan 20.

Titus Low Kaide could face up to three months’ jail time as well as a fine for each count of transmitting obscene materials by electronic means, and six months’ jail time, and a fine of as much as $5000 for the offence under the Criminal Procedure Code. /TISG

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