Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood faced setbacks due to prolonged strikes by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA guilds, causing disruptions in production schedules for various shows and movies.

This resulted in delays for both new and returning programs, such as CBS’s “Elsbeth” and ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” moving to early 2024.

Streamers like Netflix experienced shifts too, with “Stranger Things” final season pushed to 2025, and potential delays for the second season of “Wednesday.”

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Despite these challenges, the industry remains resilient, with numerous highly anticipated shows planned. Some have official premiere dates, like Disney+’s “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries,” AMC+’s “Interview with the Vampire,” and HBO’s “The Regime.” More titles and details are expected to emerge, and the list will be updated accordingly.

Highlighted shows include:

  • “Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale”: Set in a world where witchcraft is acknowledged, the series follows Sarah Fenn, a town’s resident witch, dealing with suspicion after a teen’s death.


  • “The Brothers Sun”: Charles protects his family after his father, head of a Taiwanese triad, is shot, revealing secrets to his sheltered brother.


  • “All Creatures Great and Small”: Set during WWII, this season continues the adventures of Yorkshire veterinarians.


  • “69% Funny Woman”: Barbara navigates the male-dominated comedy industry in 1960s London.


  • “Ted”: A prequel to the Ted films, focusing on Ted the bear and his life in Massachusetts with his friend John.


  • “Criminal Record”: Two detectives are drawn into an old murder case due to an anonymous call.


  • “Monsieur Spade”: Explores Dashiell Hammett’s detective 20 years after the events of “The Maltese Falcon,” in 1963 France.


  • “True Detective: Night Country”: Jodie Foster stars in this crime anthology about Alaskan detectives investigating a research center’s disappearance.

These shows feature various themes and eras, promising diverse and engaging storytelling. More updates on new titles and details are anticipated, encouraging comments for overlooked favorites.

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