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Paris Hilton’s decision to opt for a surrogate in the birth of her children stems from the deep trauma she endured in her teenage years. Her experiences at Utah’s Provo Canyon School led to lasting PTSD, manifesting in severe anxiety, panic attacks, and a fear of medical procedures.

Understanding the potential risks of passing on her high anxiety to her child and considering her own well-being, she chose surrogacy as a healthier option.

In 2020, Hilton revealed disturbing accounts of physical and emotional trauma during her time at the school, including nonconsensual gynecological exams. Although the school denied promoting misuse, it has since been acquired by another entity, refraining from commenting on past practices.

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Heartbreaking Moments

Her fear of pregnancy and medical settings, rooted in her past trauma, compounded her heartbreaking decision. Balancing her bustling career and the potential impact of pregnancy was also a concern, given her heavily scheduled life. Despite managing various roles—being the face of Hilton Hotels, heading her media company, hosting a podcast, starring in a show, and pursuing ventures in music—she found it nearly impossible to find a suitable time for pregnancy amidst her busy schedule.

Now a mother to two children born via surrogacy, Hilton’s life has evolved. Despite her packed agenda, she has slightly eased her pace since the birth of her second child. She views motherhood as completing her life, finding fulfillment in the experience despite the challenges she faced along the way.

Open to third child

Although she currently sees two children as the ideal number, she remains open to the possibility of having a third. Reflecting on her transformation from finding family life dull to embracing it as deeply fulfilling, she sees her new role as a parent as an essential and joyous part of her life.

Given Hilton’s discretion, any plans for a third child may come to light only after the fact, aligning with her private approach to personal matters.

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