Blake Lively looks like someone who has it all but at 36 maintaining her physique does take a lot of work. She confesses to putting in a lot effort to look the way she does and her trainer, Don Saladino whom she has been working out with for 13 years shares some of what she does.

Saladino says his number one priority for Lively is that she remains resilient as being a mum of four who is on the road a lot, running through changing time zones, the goal is to make sure her body doesn’t break down. 

Saladino says a big part of her workout involves strength training. He also asks questions about how she’s sleeping and her overall state of mind. 

When her body doesn’t feel right or she gets a really bad night’s sleep, we might go heavier on the steps or we might do more restorative work. We recognize how she’s feeling day in and day out. If it’s not the day to put the foot on the gas, it’s not the day to put the foot on the gas.” 

Her training days vary from four to six days a week depending on how she is feeling. 

Saladino spilts Blake’s workout into linear and lateral days. Linear days involve working on bilateral moves and lateral days incorporate unilateral movements. Other times he splits the workout into upper and lower body workouts. 

Lively does kettlebell deadlifts, split squats, bilateral and unilateral presses and horizontal and reverse pulling. Her trainer also focuses on her core and glutes as well as her arms. 

She does 15 to 25 reps for each move. They also do a lot of supersets which involve performing two or three exercises back to back. 

“We like to keep moving. We like to make it a little bit about endurance,” said Saladino. 

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