Business & Economy Personal Finance The Complete List Of Money Saving Tools In Singapore 2017

The Complete List Of Money Saving Tools In Singapore 2017




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The world of online shopping is just exploding again in Singapore (with Amazon’s introduction). We decided to ask around and learn from our SG Personal Finance Community on the best tools in Singapore to get the best deals 🙂

We curated a complete guide you can refer to below, hope you like it! Read till the end to find out how you can GET $3 CASH with no strings attached, special for our community readers!

TL;DR: Leverage The Internet’s Marketing Power

  • Carousell: Best for pre-loved items on Caorusell for more expensive items (potential 40%)
  • ShopBack: Best for Holidays, Electronics amounting to huge cash-backs! (potential 5%)
  • Money Digest: Best for random deal alerts on their facebook posts (potential 1-1)
  • TaxiBot: Best for Taxi/Grab/Uber with live promo codes when you need it (potential 5%)
  • RateX: Best for buying overseas online items with better exchange rates (potential 5%)
  • EZBuy: Best for savings on huge shipping costs from USA or (potential 10%)
  • Fave: Best for dining and beauty savings (potential 20%)

Further Reading: A Typical Singaporean Buyer’s Journey

In an everyday Singaporean’s life, you would most likely have to buy something online. With the advent of new technologies and mobile platforms, online companies often find ways to grow and make it more efficient to shop. Hence, consumers should be smarter with a full list of options to jump on and save money.

By the way, this list was completely crowd-sourced by our good friends in the Seedly Community, where we discuss such hacks on how we can save more and spend smarter.

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Online Shopping Deals Singapore

A Simple Example: Buying A SAMSUNG HD TV

  • First, you go to CAROUSELL to search for potential sellers and people who may be keen to offload their second-hand TV
  • If the choices are limited, you can simply head over to SHOPBACK to compare the prices from merchants like Lazada, Shopee or Courts to potentially save up to 10% cashback
  • If you are still not convinced and perhaps want to buy a special edition version of the HD TV from the USA, and you land on Amazon US and use the RATEX chrome extension to save on the conversion rate~!
  • You input a local address that EZBUY had assigned you for free US delivery, and a cheaper shipment fee back to Singapore!
  • Next, you get tired and hungry after all the online shopping and head over to FAVE SG (previously Groupon) to buy a buffet dinner at $32 (instead of $55)
  • Because you don’t drive, you fire up the TAXIBOT on Facebook messenger and retrieve the latest Promo codes to save $4 on a ride
  • By going through SHOPBACK to book your GRAB ride or online purchases in general, you get to get additional cash rebates

Total savings = MASSIVE 😀

Okay, you may think that you need to be a tech expert to maneuver such an online shopping paradise. However, here is a real screenshot of one of our community members who earned over $570 in cash back (refer to image below).

Shopback Real Savings

Because We Love Our Community Of Savers 😉

One of our community members suggested a collaboration with ShopBack. And as fellow NUS startups, we reached out to them and guess what..!

For Existing SHOPBACK Users – Earn $3 now (first 500 readers)

The giveaway will end when we exceed 500 readers and the extra $3 cash back will be credited to your ShopBack account by 5 August 2017.

For New SHOPBACK Users – Earn $8 now (unlimited)

P.S: In case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. We do not get anything out doing this. Simply, we are supportive of good products addressing interesting money-saving opportunities, especially in this digital age. Cheers!

Source: Seedly

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