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Taxi driver’s dispute with Angmoh goes viral




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A taxi driver’s dispute with a passenger who claimed to be from New Zealand has gone viral with over 300 shares. Richard Hao Koh is sharing his video with the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook page said that the passenger flagged down his cab to hitch a ride from Lorong 16 Geylang to Lorong 8 Geylang. When the cabbie reached the agreed destination, the passenger gave him an unidentifiable card for the fare which came to $5.40.

Richard claimed that the man said that he is from the New Zealand embassy. He said that at first he just wanted to help the Angmoh unload his luggage from his taxi and move off but got worked up when the passenger warned him not to touch his luggage, and that he’d be sorry if he did. The passenger then challenged Richard to a fight saying that Singaporeans have low IQ.

The video shows a hotel employee trying to mediate between the cabbie and passenger. Richard said that he had not made a police report because the Police probably cannot do anything.

This is the third prominent case of foreigners who allegedly cheated taxi drivers of their rightful fares. On 24 Oct, a taxi driver claimed that he was cheated by a woman. Netizens claimed that that alleged cheater works in senior management in a foreign bank based in Singapore (https://theindependent.sg.sg/netizens-claim-alleged-taxi-fare-cheat-is-senior-manager-at-a-local-branch-of-swiss-private-bank).

Then yesterday (25 Oct), the video of a woman hitting a cabbie went viral (https://theindependent.sg.sg/another-taxi-driver-cheated-of-fare-and-abused-by-ft).

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