A customer who had ordered some bananas online from Giant said that he received an unripe bunch of the fruit on Sept 17. 

He said in a post on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Tuesday (Oct 4) that by Sept 30, the bananas were still “hard and raw” and even sent a video to Giant where a hand can be seen throwing down the bananas with some force on a table.

The bananas, which came from Dairy Farm Singapore, still have green parts on both ends, and despite the force with which they are thrown on the table, not a single one falls off.

However, the customer, who goes by Hoong Hoong on Facebook, received an email from the company, which he included in his post, claiming that the bananas had been “physically abused.”

“How can I have abused them to make them not fit for consumption by throwing them around to show how hard they are and none has dropped off? Can this happen to a NORMAL bunch of bananas?”

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In addition, the company also “gave me a lecture on the respect for food and the starvation many are facing. He is free to eat these bananas as I have not thrown them away.

Walk the walk, not just talk the talk. You are a Big Bully but not the United Nation.”

In the email, the customer service supervisor said that she understood the poster’s frustration, but a refund would not be forthcoming.

“After due investigation and consideration upon watching the video sent, it is deemed that the bananas are of acceptable quality until it (sic) was physically abused as per the video.

We regret to inform you that a compensation for the above is rejected.”

Netizens commenting on the post said that when buying bananas, it would be best if the consumer can touch or see them first.

One commenter, however, wrote that there was “no need to vent frustration on the bananas,” which perhaps was never the intention of the customer.

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Some pointed out that it should only take a few days for bananas to ripen.

TISG has reached out to both the customer and Giant.


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