A man who ordered food from a stall listed on Michelin Guide Singapore was deeply disappointed when his order was given missing key components. 

Moreover, when he called its number, no one picked up the phone, although he tried several times.

Mr Chup Tong Tham posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Tuesday night (Oct 4) that he had gone to Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre to buy dinner for his family.

“Ordered half chicken, green vegetables, cuttlefish bean sprouts & 2 packets of rice. Paid up the amount of $25 as shown on the right picture with queue no. 0736,” he wrote.

After the uncle packing his order asked if he needed spoons and Mr Chup said yes, the packer put together his order and gave it to him, before quickly proceeding to pack the next order as others were already waiting in the queue.

“Without checking the packed food properly I assumed that this packer will complete my order correctly,” Mr Chup added.

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But upon reaching his home, he realized that the order did not include the green vegetables and cuttlefish bean sprouts in the bag.

Mr Chup tried calling Tian Tian several times, “but no one pickup my call at all !!!!”

He also wrote that “After this bad experience I’m definitely no longer going to buy chicken rice from this stall anymore. This is the first time I’m experiencing such bad practice from a chicken rice stall,” and noted that “On top of this, the price of their chicken is definitely more expensive than other chicken rice stall.”

The stall in question is part of Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list for Singapore. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice’s page on the company’s site says “Don’t be surprised to see a long queue – their Hainanese chicken rice is hugely popular.”

TISG has reached out to the stall as well as to Mr Chup.

Some commenters feel, however, that there is better food elsewhere in Singapore.

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One netizen said Mr Chup should go in person and ask for a refund.

Others reminded commenters that it’s always best to check orders before leaving, especially since he received only one box despite his large order.


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