A man, 30, was caught by authorities in an attempt to smuggle 210 kg of frozen chicken worth RM 3,580 (S$1,100) from Singapore to Johor Bahru.

Malaysian immigration officers at the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex in Johor stopped the man on Oct 2 at around 9 pm, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The man was travelling to Johor using the Tuas Second Link with the 14 boxes of poultry in a private car. He appeared suspicious during inspections at the customs, with officers checking the boxes in the car’s boot.

A Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services representative said the man failed to show an import licence or any certification for the frozen chicken.

An investigation was then conducted under the 2011 Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Act.

The act ensures that plants, animals, carcasses, fish, agricultural produce, soils, microorganisms, and food that are imported into and exported out of Malaysia comply with the health aspect of humans, animals, plants, fish, and food safety.

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If convicted, the man could be sentenced to up to six years imprisonment and fined up to RM100,000 (S$30,720).

Just last week, a Chinese national was fined S$17,500 for illegally importing assorted meat products into Singapore.

The man’s luggage contained approximately 226 kg of frozen meat products such as chicken, beef, pork, mutton, and rabbit meat from China.

He was stopped by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority at Changi Airport. /TISG

Man from China fined S$17,500 for bringing in 8 luggage of 226kg assorted meat into Singapore

ByHana O