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“Superman” spotted in Singapore!

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The fast pace of his walk, set to the iconic “Superman” theme music, he was ready to fly up, up, and away!

SINGAPORE: A man in a Superman costume was seen crossing the street at Bukit Batok. The fast pace of his walk, set to the iconic “Superman” theme music, made it seem like he was almost flying.

The video of the man, who looked to be a foreigner and a senior citizen, was uploaded on TikTok by a user named Engineer Uncle Kiko (@engr.unclekiko), who describes himself as a “Civil Engineer, Senior Photographer at Kiko WonderShots & Owner of Uncle Kiko.”


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♬ Superman – Main Theme – 101 Strings Orchestra

Netizens commenting on the video appeared to have fun seeing an older version of Superman.

“Man doesn’t want to retired (sic) from being hero. Man lost his flight powers but he can run as fast as flash,” wrote one.

“love his energy. our very first Singapore superhero in bukit batok. ❤️❤️❤️,” commented another.

“some become super heroes after these few years of pandemic!” another replied.

One, however, corrected the TikTok user gently, writing, “that’s a super old man, in a costume. 😂

A netizen joked, “he forget he can fly !”

Rather puzzlingly, one commented that the man “looks like bill gates.”

“Superman said petrol expensive now, use walking to save money, can’t fly anymore 😂,” another joked.

A netizen wondered, “Maybe superman go to work or their children like to see superman and he wear uniform?”

“superman have to follow singapore’s law too because of no-fly zone,” yet another realized.

A number of commenters pointed out the fact that “Superman” seems to have gotten quite old.



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