SINGAPORE: A stroke-recovering person took to social media on Sunday (March 17) to share an experience with his neighbours, who he claims think that his effort to walk is him purposely trying to make disturbing noises.

“May I seek advice on (a) nightmare neighbour from below unit,” online user Slwk Lee wrote in a public group. “I’m a stroke recovery person staying alone on a 4th-floor block in Potong Pasir. I’m still having problems walking properly and (the) unit below believes I’m making noises purposely.”

The writer also claimed that their neighbour went to get authorities involved. “It came to a point (where) he filed a complaint for a Community Justice Tribunal.

And in the case, the Judge agreed to let him install a CCTV in my master bedroom to show that I was making noises,” the writer claimed. “Do you believe this is okay even for a judge to agree on this? And what about PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act)?

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“Then, after weeks of his entertainment of putting the CCTV in the empty room, the conclusion was that there was no concrete evidence I make those noises.

But now, he’s resumed his horrible ways of waking up at 4-5 am to bang loudly just to wake up people. After that every hour later he will bang again and sometimes (all) of (a) sudden til late at night.

I tried (the) police but they won’t accept this kind of case nor will the HDB or town council.”

Desperate for help, the writer turned to online users in the group for advice. “If any (of you) have good suggestions, please share. I’m a person (who) now can’t walk out of the house since (being) discharged from (the) hospital two years ago.

My only quiet time is when I go (to) poly for medicine and see (the) doctor. I’ve stayed here for almost 30 years, and this uncle (has) decided to make me so distressed.

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“How (can I live) on like that whenever he decides to bang loudly? He had issues with his past neighbours before and he was brought to court for his banging and spitting on his opposite neighbour’s unit, but the case was dropped as the opposite neighbour pitied him.

But who can help me now?”

Responding to the post, many expressed shock over the writer’s claim that a judge approved a CCTV installation to gather evidence. “I do not think the judge will allow your neighbour to install a camera in your room if he has no concrete proof eg recordings,” said one.

“Wait what…a judge ordered a CCTV to be installed in your room for your neighbor to view? Is this what you are saying?” another asked.

In response to another comment asking for proof that the judge approved a CCTV installation, the writer said:

“There was no documentation, only verbal saying in the CJT session. But as long I know I did nothing wrong, I’m not bothered about CCTV in a locked room.

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As long as the CCTV is inside the room and not filming me, I’m okay. And the result after three weeks–there’s no evidence any noise was done by me.

That uncle is just not happy til now as previously he was in court for his unruly manner towards his opposite neighbour by hitting and spitting on the gate which was captured by the neighbour’s CCTV.

So now he is still not happy (so he’s) venting on me.”

One person encouraged the writer to reach out to their MP.