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‘Please be a civilized person’ — Woman tells upstairs neighbour who always hangs ‘super wet floor mat & mop over balcony’

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“Evidence speaks,” she added.

SINGAPORE — In a country where space is limited, a little consideration and thoughtfulness between people who live next to each other can go a long way. Otherwise, one might end up being complained about on social media instead, just like an upper-floor resident who appears to regularly leave his “super wet watery floor mat and mop” on his balcony.

Ms Lai Mei Fonh, a neighbour, wrote in a post on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Sunday (Jan 22) about the problem, posting a photo of the water damage on her ceiling as well. She appealed to the neighbour, “Please be a civilized person ,” adding, “Evidence speaks.”

The post was addressed to her neighbour: “To my upstairs neighbours. been feedback to security you always hang ur super wet watery floor mat and mop over ur balcony.”

She also added in Chinese that since it was Lunar New Year, she would not do anything hurtful to her neighbour. 昨天年初夕艳阳高下你又在不客气的倒财水到我家把我赶干的衣服都淋湿了. 现在过年不伤和气哦 😄 过了年就很难说了哦!我会请你去BM坐坐. 请做个有文明的人呗. 证据会说话.

In comments to her post, in response to questions, she said that she had already reported the matter to the security guard in her building.

Others suggested that she find the management of the building.

And one netizen told her, “Wa, u also have lucky neighbour like mine. Today cny day 1 bless me w water. But mine is wash window. Don’t worry, always believe in karma. Karma strike my neighbour once alr. I waiting for more.”

Another wrote that his neighbour was worse. “Mine worse….. still burning josspapers outside the unit main door, and this time 2am cny firstday. Then come the tables drag and chairs drag… water came of the kitchen window somemore. (note: not washing window).”   


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