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S’pore lad hailed as a hero for stepping between a female bus passenger and fellow commuter who was touching himself

Kurt Mikhail said that the suspect kept trying to leave the bus when he was found out, but Kurt and his friends blocked his way from the exit and the girl




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Singapore – A youth was hailed as a hero for intervening in an incident he witnessed while on a public bus instead of merely filming it on camera.

On July 3 (Wednesday), Twitter user Kurt Mikhail (@froyokurt) saw a fellow commuter on a public bus touching himself while allegedly looking at a secondary school girl who was also a passenger.

In addition to filming the obscene incident with his camera, @froyokurt took matters into his own hands and alerted the bus driver and the police of what was happening.

@froyokurt urged everyone in his caption to contact the police if they ever witnessed something similar.

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He also thanked his mother for raising him as someone who does not stand by passively and watch when sexual harassment is occurring before his very eyes.

@froyokurt wrote: “If y’all see this sh*t contact the police immediately and separate the victim from the person. It’s disgusting I had to witness it first-hand but I’m glad my mum raised me to not just sit and watch when these things happen. Don’t ever think twice about helping someone in need.”

In follow-up tweets, he wrote that the suspect kept trying to leave the bus when he was found out, but Kurt and his friends blocked his way from the exit and the girl. He noted that the “girl was seriously damn frightened sia.”

“We had to forcefully keep him in the bus like damn annoying he keep trying to break the door or some sh*t,” wrote Kurt in another tweet.

Eventually, the girl’s family arrived, and they thanked Kurt for helping their daughter.

Kurt and his friends did not leave even after the girl and her family left. They waited until the police arrived at the scene.

“Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether the police followed up with the guy or not…” said Kurt. However, he noted that the “girl felt a lot better after the situation was dealt with and I’m glad she’s okay.”

With over 5,100 retweets and 3,000 likes, Kurt’s post was filled with netizens giving him a two-thumbs up for his actions.

Many also wished there were people like Kurt who was present when they had their own similar traumatising experiences.

@flwrboys shared an experience of a 10-hour bus ride beside a ‘pervert’ who kept inching closer and asking for her number.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

Meanwhile, @eynaariffinn hoped that Kurt would never stop stepping up in situations like these. “Like ever.”

Photo: Twitter screengrab

“If more men was like you then women and girls wouldn’t have to be scared to leave their houses, be alone or what not. Thank you and bless your mom for raising you right,” wrote @baeksxuxi.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

@oliverangelo_ applauded Kurt for his actions and hoped that the pervert learned his lesson and would cease to be one.

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Read below a few more of the comments on his tweet.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

Photo: Twitter screengrab

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