SINGAPORE: A man shared on social media that he and his wife were pleasantly surprised to receive a generous windfall of S$12,000.

However, their happiness didn’t last long because they couldn’t agree on how to spend the money.

While he wanted to allocate the funds for home renovations, his wife argued they should use it for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

“The tension is really starting to build. She’s very emotional about this… saying we deserve this vacation after all the hard work we’ve put in,” the man wrote on Reddit.

“She won’t budge on her stance, and it’s causing friction between us. I understand her perspective, but the practical side of me can’t ignore the long-term benefits of investing in our home,” he added.

The man saw the windfall as an opportunity to upgrade their house.

He envisioned using the funds for their dishwasher, which was “on its last legs,” their bathroom, which could use some work, and a few other upgrades that would make their home more comfortable and increase its value.

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“These improvements would benefit us long-term, and I feel they are more practical,” he explained.

On the other hand, his wife is set on using the money for a big special family vacation to Europe.

He wrote, “She says it would be an unforgettable experience… a chance to create lasting memories… and a well-deserved break from our busy lives.

She’s extremely passionate about this idea… and isn’t willing to compromise.”

Although the man suggested they split the money and opt for a smaller vacation and a few home upgrades, his wife disagreed and felt they should go all in on one option to make the most out of it.

He then asked the online community, “How should I proceed? What do you think would be the best use of this money?”

“I read a study that said people tend to regret purchases, but they don’t often regret travel.”

In the online discussion, many supported his wife’s viewpoint, suggesting they should use the money for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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Some individuals, especially those who had lost their spouses or were older, argued that creating valuable life experiences is worth it and more important than the renovation.

As for the things in their house that needed repair or improvements, they suggested that the man and his wife create cash savings for it instead.

One individual said, “I say this as a person who was widowed at 38. Go on the vacation.”

Another commented, “I read a study that said people tend to regret purchases, but they don’t often regret travel.”

A third individual stated, “How old are your kids? If they’re all older than 5, go on the vacation. If not, save the money until they are old enough to make core memories and then go on the vacation.

She’s right, your kids will have an amazing memory as they grow up. They won’t remember the dishwasher..”

Meanwhile, some people weren’t convinced their family trip would cost S$12,000. They then suggested that his wife make a plan and budget for the trip first, preferably months before the vacation.

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This way, they could snag deals on flights and hotels.

One individual said, “Start planning the vacation and it might not take up the entire 12k. If it doesn’t, put that leftover money towards the house.”

Others recommended allocating S$10,000 for the trip and S$2,000 for the home repairs. Another individual mentioned the “33% windfall rule” they learned from a financial planner friend.

He said, “Whenever you come across a windfall, pay 33% of it down on any debt you have (highest interest first), another 33% goes into savings, and the last 33% use to buy whatever you want.”

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