Sofía Vergara strongly rebuffed a Spanish talk show host, Pablo Motos, who mocked her Colombian accent while appearing on “El Hormiguero.”

When asked in Spanish how she pronounces “Modern Family,” Vergara, 51, responded assertively, challenging Motos on his presumption of speaking better English.

She questioned his accolades, sarcastically asking about his Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, highlighting her four nominations for her role in “Modern Family.”

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Motos appeared taken aback, but Vergara persisted in defending her accent, contrasting it with an incident on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2015. During that episode, DeGeneres was criticized for seemingly mocking Vergara’s accent in a joint ad campaign for CoverGirl.

However, Vergara, displaying a more forgiving attitude, defended DeGeneres, asserting that they were two comedians enjoying banter.

Vargara inspired by Colombian background

Despite facing backlash for perpetuating Latina stereotypes in her role as Gloria on “Modern Family,” Vergara has been unapologetic, citing inspiration from her own Colombian background. In a 2017 interview with Hola! magazine, she defended the character, emphasizing its connection to her family’s experiences.

The actress acknowledged the opportunity to break stereotypes, expressing gratitude for the acceptance of her accent in the industry.

Vergara, known for her portrayal of Gloria, now takes on the role of real-life drug lord Griselda Blanco in the upcoming Netflix project “Griselda,” set to premiere on January 25th.

Throughout her career, Vergara has navigated controversies surrounding her accent and its portrayal in the media, while also addressing societal expectations and the importance of representation in the entertainment industry.

Realm of Griselda Blanco

Sofia Vergara is gearing up to immerse viewers in the realm of Griselda Blanco! Before her much-anticipated portrayal of the Colombian drug lord in Netflix’s upcoming miniseries “Griselda,” the 51-year-old actress engaged in a conversation with ET’s Nischelle Turner. They delved into her remarkable transformation into the notorious “Cocaine Godmother.”

Vergara characterizes Griselda as “a complex person,” highlighting the myriad facets to explore concerning her identity as a drug lord and, importantly, as a woman and a mother.

She underscores Griselda’s determination to safeguard her family, expressing a deep desire to delve into the unique perspective of one of history’s few women who reached such unprecedented heights in the world of drug trafficking.

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