SM Entertainment has provided an update on its efforts to combat criminal activities arising from malicious comments aimed at BoA.

Through vigilant monitoring of online platforms, the company has been collecting evidence of serious offences, including spreading false information, defamation, derogatory remarks about BoA’s appearance, and inappropriate physical contact.

Teaming up with legal representation from the law firm Sejong, SM has lodged complaints against individuals responsible for insults and related offences, urging swift cooperation in the investigative process.

Online community sites and bulletin boards have been the main sources where SM has pinpointed numerous harmful posts and comments directed at BoA.

This has prompted the company to take legal action against the individuals responsible for these attacks.

Similar misconduct has been observed across various online communities and even on the Cyber Wrecker channel on YouTube, leading to the preparation of robust legal responses to address these issues.

Photo: Instagram/BoA

Potential legal action

In tackling challenges posed by global social media platforms headquartered overseas, SM is exploring avenues for investigative cooperation and potential legal action abroad, particularly for incidents from last year where local investigations faced jurisdictional constraints.

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Previously, SM had announced its intention to pursue legal action domestically and internationally against those spreading false information and malicious attacks against BoA on social media platforms and online communities.

The company reiterated its commitment to identifying and filing complaints against individuals engaging in such misconduct, stressing the importance of holding offenders accountable under the law.

Vigilance against illegal activities

Lastly, SM assured its vigilance against illegal activities targeting all its artists and pledged to continue addressing such cases in consultation with affected artists, filing complaints when necessary to uphold their rights and well-being.

Kwon Bo-ah, known professionally as BoA (which stands for “Beat of Angel” or “Best of Asia”), is a highly influential South Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress.

Often referred to as the “Queen of K-pop”, she debuted in 2000 at a young age and has had a long and successful career in Korea, Japan, and even the United States.

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She’s released numerous albums in both Korean and Japanese and is known for her strong vocals and impressive dancing skills.