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Singaporeans ticked off that Nas Daily gets direct invite to NDP by director Dick Lee, while rest have to ballot




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It seems that there exists never-ending distaste between foreigners and locals. YouTuber Nas Daily is no exception to this problem.

He recently sparked a massive uproar when he lashed out at Singaporeans and called them “crybabies,” after he had been criticised for calling Singapore an “almost perfect country” in one of his videos.

In March, a poll conducted by Yahoo Singapore showed that 56 per cent of 3,961 respondents did not welcome Nas Daily’s impending move to Singapore.

With the balloting process to get tickets for Singapore’s National Day parade now underway, many Singaporeans were thus outraged when director for the show Dick Lee invited Nas for the parade.

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How come some of us need to ballot so many years also cannot go in he can just go like that?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Thursday, 30 May 2019

Dick Lee, a local singer-songwriter, playwright and film director publicly invited Nas on social media and said, “Can I invite you to our National Day Parade? I’m directing this year and would love to share our pride”.

To this, the YouTuber replied rather non-committedly, “I think I’m coming!”

Netizens were up in arms saying that many had balloted for years but never got the chance to score tickets. Yet, Nas a foreigner received a direct invite.


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