SINGAPORE: Over the weekend, a video of an Indonesian woman who spat on a Singaporean woman before the Bruno Mars concert went viral, with many people condemning the Indonesian woman for her actions.

Ms Una Dembler, an Indonesian influencer, was filmed in an angry tirade that ended with her spitting on people after she had been called out for cutting in the queue of individuals waiting to enter the standing pen before the concert began.

Her tirade was posted online by a Singaporean TikTok user @sabrinasimisai, whose videos of the incident have been viewed millions of times.


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However, in her latest TikTok entry posted on Sunday (April 7), Ms Sabrina said that Ms Una had apologised to her via Direct Message (DM). Moreover, Ms Sabrina stood up for the other woman, asking commenters “to be sensitive” to Ms Una.

“Let’s not criticise her nation, physical appearance, and gender,” Ms Sabrina wrote in the caption. Ms Una is transgender, and some of the negative comments she received have been related to this.

“IT IS SOLELY HER BEHAVIOUR THAT IS WRONG,” Ms Sabrina wrote, adding, “Una understands the seriousness of her actions, and she would like (it) if everyone can forgive her and continue to support her to becoming a better person from here on.

I will accept the apology and have decided to let her have a second chance in life, so please avoid sending insensitive hate comments to her and do not insult her.”

What really happened?

On Saturday, Ms Sabrina posted a video of Ms Una’s tirade on Friday (April 5). While Ms Sabrina and her friends sat in line for the standing pen, Ms Una sat in front of a man.

After determining that the man did not know the Indonesian influencer, Ms Sabrina and her friends called Ms Una out.

When Ms Una said she was waiting for a friend, they explained that where she was waiting was the front of the queue, and she could wait for her friend at the back of the line.

This upset Ms Una and she ended up spitting at Ms Sabrina and her group.

In her next video, Ms Sabrina said she wasn’t angry but felt disrespected by Ms Una’s actions and reminded everyone that Covid is still around.


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In an Instagram story that Ms Una posted, she claimed that she felt rice thrown at her face and body. Ms Sabrina later said that if this had been the case, why did no one see the rice thrown at her?

Ms Una’s apology

Ms Una has since apologised and in her messages to Ms Sabrina, she wrote, “I will be a better person. I’m really sorry. once again. Please let me know what I can do to make ur day feel better.”

In her response, Ms Sabrina wrote that she agreed Ms Una’s behaviour had been “rude and ill-mannered” and added that:

“it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Singapore and other parts of the world,” Ms Una’s Instagram fans and followers would be “really disappointed to see (her) behave this way outside of Indonesia.”

Ms Sabrina also graciously wrote, “I hope you understand why people were upset and not blame them for it. I don’t blame you for cutting queues, like I said it’s only about the way you reacted and treated people.

I still hope that you found a good spot in the standing pen and had fun at Bruno Mars concert yesterday.” /TISG

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