SINGAPORE: Street brawls are intense not only for the people involved but for bystanders as well, who may be likely to freeze. A Singaporean claiming to have witnessed a streetfight in real-time shared the video on social media, asking online users for directions on what to do.

How should one handle situations like these?

Facebook user Jia Ren Teo took to the Complaint Singapore group on Thursday (Jan 25) to share video clips of a street brawl that allegedly took place at Blk965 Jurong West. “I’m on-site,” the post read, “What should I do? Waiting online urgently.”

The videos, which were taken from inside a vehicle, captured a man in a blue shirt charging at another man in a white shirt, and throwing in a couple of punches. In the first video, the man in the blue shirt succeeded in knocking the man in the white shirt down. A third man was seen following the two.

In the second video, a woman could be heard yelling. The third man lifted his hand, trying to calm her. Meanwhile, the streetfight went on, with the man in the blue shirt continuing to throw punches and rough up the man in the white shirt.

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Towards the end of the second clip, as the man in the white shirt was on the ground, the man in blue pointed his finger angrily at him. Right before the video was cut, a fourth man entered the scene.

In response to the video, many commented saying that the writer should call the police immediately. “Call the police or use the SGSecure app to report the incident with pictures and location,” said one.

Another wrote, “This one is serious ler…”

A third who also urged the writer to call the authorities added, “(There’s nothing much you can do. If (you get) involved in (the) fight, also (a) problem.”

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) urges people to call 999 or the Police Hotline at +65 6255 0000 (for overseas callers) if a situation is an emergency or life-threatening. This way, police can respond immediately.

Singaporeans can also share their eyewitness reports in the I-Witness feature of the Police@SG app. Those who wish to keep their identities anonymous can opt to do so.

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