SINGAPORE: A netizen has expressed frustration on social media over cars blocking a bus lane at Serangoon Road. The online user urged drivers to find “appropriate” parking.

An online user took to an online Facebook group for complaints around Singapore on June 13 to call out drivers who park their cars on a bus lane at Serangoon Road. “It’s very frustrating to pass by this Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple at Serangoon Road,” the post read.

“It’s bus lane is almost parked with vehicles every day during the peak period. Buses can’t pass and have to enter into car lanes,” the netizen wrote, adding that it only contributes to traffic. “(It) adds on to the already congested road.”

The frustrated netizen then called on motorists to be more responsible and to be mindful of where they park. “I don’t really care who the big shots are,” the post continued, “but do find appropriate parking around the area. Going into the temple to pray doesn’t mean you have the rights to park I suppose?”

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The post ended with the netizen saying the incident “has been going on for very long, and Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving did nothing.”

Image: FB screengrab / COMPLAINT SINGAPORE
Image: FB screengrab / COMPLAINT SINGAPORE

A handful of netizens who caught wind of the post took to the comments section to share their sentiments, many being similar to that of the post writer.

“Yes, always have illegal car parking there,” one said. Another wrote, “Agree…causes heavy jam too during peak hour.

Image: FB screengrab / COMPLAINT SINGAPORE
Image: FB screengrab / COMPLAINT SINGAPORE

Still, a few mentioned other places in Singapore where similar incidents happen. “Orchard Plaza area also two-lane…those cars park (until one lane is left).

Another wrote, “Same thing. Balester road. Already not enough lanes, still reserved a lane for those going to the club.”