Singapore A member of the public took to social media to complain about a “disappointing experience” at a hotel, saying the S$400 room was “meagerly decorated” and featured very thin mattresses and walls.

After booking the Big Garden room for four people at Lloyd’s Inn in Orchard, a staycation guest took to Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Saturday (Jul 10) to share their experience.

The concerned individual noted how the featured garden turned out to be an “empty gaunt little yard” with only one skinny tree.

The room was meagerly decorated, while the two extra beds requested were “very thin mattresses placed on a wooden plank.”

The mattresses were also covered in blankets too rough for the guests. After requesting a second time for a replacement, they were given a quilt layer by the housekeeping staff.

However, when the staff arrived to deliver the request, she commented, “hospital also used this one,” the guest noted.

The staff hinted, “we were over-demanding and being unreasonable,” she added.

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Other complaints mentioned included the room not being soundproof, as the guests heard disturbing noises from the adjacent rooms.

“Sorry for being blunt because this hotel not only wasted our precious time which we thought we could have a good time, but the quality of the facility there are much worse than one could ever imagine plus the service and attitude of the staff there are totally unacceptable and the price wasn’t even cheap,” the guest admitted.

It appears that the complaint was also sent to the hotel’s management, and the netizen attached a screenshot of the company’s reply.

The hotel apologised for the guests’ dissatisfaction, although reiterated that it was the hotel’s standard for an extra bed to be a “Japanese futon bed with a brown cotton blanket.”

“Our hotel is designed with a half-open concept; hence the sound will travel,” the housekeeping manager explained.

Regarding the “hospital standard” mentioned by the staff, “she meant about the usual standard set up of the bed only,” said the manager, noting they will have a counselling session with the staff on the issue.

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Members from the online community appreciated the feedback on the hotel as they too were planning to book a room at the same venue but reconsidered.

“From the inn’s website, the rooms look pathetic, not alluring at all. Think would be better to do some research before booking another staycation next time,” added Facebook user Caroline Ng. /TISG

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ByHana O