Singapore — A domestic helper from Indonesia employed to take care of two seniors was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage spitting into the cup of cereal intended for the elderly man behind her.

The helper’s employer, 32-year-old Zheng, lived with her two elderly grandparents.

“My grandpa and grandma are about 90 years old. My grandpa is suffering from dementia, and my grandma had a stroke. I have to work, and I was worried I cannot take care of them,” shared Ms Zheng to Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao.

Ms Zheng decided to hire the 30-year-old helper two months ago to help with the two seniors.

“How was I to know that hiring a helper would bring along such problems?” said Ms Zheng.

She noted how the helper showed “some attitude,” resulting in some tension in their employer-employee relationship.

The helper was also not keen on doing household chores, said Zheng.

On the day of the incident, Ms Zheng was working from home and activated her camera to check if her grandfather was awake.

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She saw the helper making cereal for the elderly man.

However, the helper suddenly leaned forward to spit into the cup while the elderly man washed up at the sink behind her.

Shocked by what she saw, Ms Zheng confronted the helper and asked her to make a new cup of cereal.

Although the helper initially denied her actions, she eventually admitted to it after Ms Zheng showed her the video footage.

“We have never treated her badly. I don’t understand why she did it? I will send her back directly to the employment agency,” said Ms Zheng. /TISG

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ByHana O