SINGAPORE: Singapore has once again secured the top position in the annual Chandler Good Government Index, for the second consecutive year.

The index, compiled by the Chandler Institute of Governance, a respected international non-profit organization, evaluated the capabilities and efficiency of governments across 113 nations.

The assessment underscored the pivotal role of good governance in catalyzing a nation’s success trajectory. A proficient government, the report indicates, transcends mere crisis management, instead, spearheading strategic initiatives to chart a trajectory towards a prosperous future while fostering inclusivity and progress.

Singapore emerged triumphant across multiple key indicators. Notably, the city-state clinched the top position in critical areas such as government leadership and foresight, national institutional capabilities, and market attractiveness.

Additionally, Singapore showcased commendable performance in financial governance, securing a noteworthy second place.

However, while Singapore performed well in fostering an environment conducive to economic prosperity, the assessment unveiled a slight dip in its ranking concerning improving people’s livelihood indicators. Despite slipping to fourth place from its previous second-place standing, Singapore remains steadfast in its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

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When amalgamating all seven indicators, Singapore ascended to the peak among the 113 nations under scrutiny, standing as the sole Asian representative within the esteemed top ten.

Switzerland and Finland claimed the second and third positions, respectively. Across Asia, South Korea also garnered recognition, securing a place within the top 20.