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Singapore — A heavy Foodpanda bag fell off the e-bike of a Foodpanda delivery rider near Block 206 Serangoon Central on Monday last week (Nov 18) as he was en route to a delivery, literally in the middle of the road.

Anywhere one goes, kindness can go a long way, especially these days when the world has been caught up in a pandemic for nearly two years, and daily life has been nothing but challenging. 

So to see a motorist going out of his way to help a Foodpanda delivery rider in difficulty must have been very heartwarming indeed.

The kindness of a motorist was witnessed by netizen MM, who sent photos to crowdsourced news site Stomp.

The delivery rider looked “confused and helpless” as he wrestled with the loaded bag dangling from his bike. MM described the scene:

“The bike was stranded in the middle of the road and it was quite dangerous.

“The rider was struggling to lift up the bag and was trying desperately to untie it when a white Honda Vezel tried to pass through.

“The driver decided to park his car instead and came out to help the rider push his bike to the side.”

MM remarked that the Foodpanda delivery rider might have some explaining to do over the jumbled state of the food order, but he hoped the customers would not give the delivery guy a hard time, given the bad day he had.

“It is a difficult time and I hope everyone will be more forgiving and be kind,” MM added, praising the “kind-hearted driver for being a fine example of how every Singaporean should be.”

Indeed, there have been many others who have gone out of their way to show kindness to others.

In September, there was another Facebook post that went viral. No influencers. No celebrities. No brand sponsorship. Just a man with a heart who took the time to talk to a boy with autism who happens to love trucks

Many online commenters thanked Mr Raymond Lee for his kindness. Mr Lee had found out from the boy’s father that the child “is a great fan for trucks and tractors and that’s the reason why they are always hanging around our company trucks and even other trucks”.

So Mr Lee “let him sit inside it and even make promise to him that I will find a chance to bring him for a ride on the new Scania S500 Highline since he liked it a lot and his dad even told me that they even took some photos with him at the truck”.

Then there were three young men who changed a flat tyre in the rain past midnight for a young mother stranded on the Seletar Expressway (SLE).

The young mother, Ms Wai had been driving home with her young son on the SLE at half-past eleven in the evening when the tyre gave out. Since she didn’t know how to change it and her husband wasn’t with her, she called a tow truck.

When her insurer would not send help, the three young heroes happened to be at the scene.

“This is where the heartwarming part begins – one of them knocked on my car door, asked if I am getting help and offered to help if I had a spare tire in the car. Turns out that their car, along with a few others along that stretch had their tires busted as well.” 

The young men must have realized that others who were stranded on this expressway would also need help, and so after they fixed their car, they went to assist others. /TISG

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