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Customer waits over 2 hours for foodpanda order as rider uses 2 order apps, goes to other locations first before delivery

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"... rider not only went to 1 place to collect food, seems that rider went to several location, as what the rider said he has 5 orders and work on 2 different apps," the customer said.


Responding to TISG’s queries, a foodpanda spokesperson said:

“We value the trust that our customers place in us and our delivery riders in ensuring that their food and grocery orders are delivered timely and accurately. We are aware of the incident and the rider has been given a warning for not following the standard delivery protocols, which is to deliver customers’ orders to the address specified in the app.
As delivery partners are freelancers, they can deliver for more than one platform should they wish to. However, as it can lead to delays in delivering orders to our customers, we advise delivery partners not to deliver for multiple platforms at the same time. This is to ensure that orders are delivered on time. 
We have also reached out to the customer to resolve the issue, and will continue to work closely with our delivery partners to ensure a consistently pleasant experience for our customers.”

SINGAPORE — A foodpanda customer was amazed at a food delivery rider’s attitude after waiting over two hours for his order to arrive. Based on the foodpanda app, the food would arrive within 30 to 40 minutes.

The incident was posted on Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Monday (Jan 16), with the customer noting he placed the order at around 6 pm the previous day. “As I’ve been monitoring the rider’s GPS since around 7:15 pm, it’s very clear that the rider collected my food and went to another place to wait and collect food, and the rider not only went to 1 place to collect food, seems that rider went to several locations, as what the rider said he has five orders and work on two different apps,” the customer said.

Although the app showed that the rider picked up the food from Sengkang Compass One, the customer discovered through the GPS tracker that the rider was at a different location, and since the delivery time said “three minutes,” the customer thought nothing was amiss.

Photo: FB screengrabHowever, half an hour later, the rider’s location didn’t change. “Sent a message to rider with courtesy to check. Rider claimed that he has stack orders and told me to wait,” said the customer.

He then contacted customer support and spoke to five agents regarding his order. “As usual, I guess everyone knows that agent replies are usually system auto-generated and offer you a S$4 voucher etc.”

After checking in with the rider again at around 8 pm, the rider told the customer that he was running on two food delivery apps.

Then at 8:18 pm, the customer receives the following text from the rider, “Left at void deck table go take.”

Photo: FB screengrab

“I was amazed by such behaviour,” said the customer, who said that the rider could have delivered the food straight to him with a smile. “I would be gracious enough to smile back at you.”

Netizens revealed that they, too, experienced similar incidents of their orders being left near their doorsteps without a notification, such as ringing the doorbell.

Facebook user Benjamin Invidia Cheng, who also works as a food delivery personnel, understood the need to make a living but said the rider should have more pride in his profession.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to foodpanda for a statement and will update the report accordingly. /TISG

Woman angry with foodpanda delivery rider after receiving spilt order

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