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Shanmugam says Louis Ng should win “some hot bod award” after spotting him in a wet t-shirt

The Law and Home Affairs Minister was referring to a video uploaded by Mr Ng where he was speaking about climate change




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Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam cheekily suggested that fellow Nee Soon GRC MP Louis Ng should win “some hot bod award” after drawing attention to a video in which Mr Ng is wearing a wet white t-shirt on social media.

On Saturday (28 Nov), Mr Ng announced his intention to file a private member’s motion in Parliament to discuss solutions on how Singapore can better tackle the climate emergency facing the world.

To publicise his impending motion, the second-term MP – who is also the chairman of the  Government Parliamentary Committee for Sustainability and the Environment – uploaded a video on social media in which he talked about the repercussions of climate change, like global warming and rising ocean levels.

Touching on how the Nee Soon municipality has committed to using more solar energy power, Mr Ng discussed possible solutions to the climate emergency such as a carbon tax or the possibility of making climate defence the seventh pillar of Singapore’s total defence system.

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Mr Ng filmed his video at a beach, the void deck area of a public housing block and at the rooftop of a block. Aside from wearing the protective gear construction workers often wear while he was filmed at the rooftop, Mr Ng also fully submerged himself into the sea and emerged from the water fully drenched in some of the beach scenes.

Minister Shanmugam shared Mr Ng’s video on his own Facebook page and specifically highlighted the part in the video where his colleague can be seen in a wet t-shirt. Inviting his followers to watch the video, the veteran politician quipped:

“Check out this video by Louis Ng Kok Kwang on climate change, an existential issue for us and the world. Along the way, check out also the video at 0:15, where Louis appears in a wet T-Shirt. He should be up for some Hot Bod award!”

Both Mr Shanmugam and Mr Ng share mutual respect. It was Mr Shanmugam who drew Mr Ng to join politics and mentored the prominent animal welfare activist before he joined politics in 2015.

Mr Ng, the founder of ACRES, volunteered with Mr Shanmugam’s team and was spotted at his Meet-the-People sessions ahead of the 2015 general election. He was elected at Nee Soon GRC – the region Mr Shanmugam has represented for over three decades – in that year’s polls and was re-elected in the 2020 general election, which took place last month.

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