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Louis Ng went to Bangladesh in support of Nee Soon cleaner who welcomed his first child

The Nee Soon GRC MP said that the trip showed him the difficulties migrant workers face being so far from home




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Nee Soon GRC MP revealed that he made a trip all the way to Bangladesh in support of a Nee Soon Town Council cleaner Hanif who welcomed his first child, in a Facebook post published on Sunday (13 Sept).

Recalling the trip, which took place sometime last year, Mr Ng wrote that Mr Hanif missed the birth of his son, Al Ameen, since his wife delivered the baby early.

Pointing out that Mr Hanif – who has been working in Singapore for the past 14 years – was already absent for his wife’s entire pregnancy, the MP said that the trip showed him the difficulties migrant workers face being so far from home.

Mr Ng wrote: “In Bangladesh, I saw firsthand how difficult it is for our cleaners to be so far from home and from their loved ones. It was a heartwarming and heartbreaking experience.”

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Sharing that he saw how much Mr Hanif’s family love and miss him, Mr Ng said that Mr Hanif’s wife Tania told him:

“Sometimes I think, if he can come back to Bangladesh, how amazing that would be. I feel sad and I miss his presence. However reality is very tough, so he has to work hard abroad for us. I have compromised and accepted this. Obviously I feel sad for my son, that he will be deprived of his dad’s love and affection.”

When asked how he felt knowing his son may not see him for a long time, Mr Hanif told Mr Ng: “We are poor people and to survive we have to make these kinds of sacrifices.”

Calling on Singaporeans to show a lot more appreciation to the cleaners who work here, Mr Ng said: “My heartfelt thank to all our migrant friends who help make Singapore a shining red dot.”

Mr Ng spoke up for migrant workers in Parliament earlier this month and highlighted the need to show more appreciation for the migrant workers who “do the work many Singaporeans don’t want to do.” Watch his speech in full here:

Time to end the discrimination

[ Are we unfair to Women, Differently abled children and our cleaners? 😱 ]My first speech and I spoke up in Parliament calling for us to: 1. Fight the gender inequality and ensure that women are not discriminated at our workplaces.2. Make our preschools more inclusive towards differently abled children.3. Show more appreciation to our migrant workers who do the work many Singaporeans don’t want to do. It’s time we end the inequality and discrimination. It’s time for a more equal and just society. Check out the video for my full speech 😊Do help share and spread the word 👍Thank you everyone for giving me this opportunity to speak up for you ❤️#LouisNgParliamentaryQuestions#WeLoveNeeSoonEast #NeeSoonCares #HomeWithAHeart

Posted by Louis Ng Kok Kwang on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

[ He has to sacrifice ]Not my baby 👶🏻 I’m carrying Al Ameen, our cleaner Hanif’s baby 😊 Last year, I joined our Nee…

Posted by Louis Ng Kok Kwang on Sunday, September 13, 2020

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