SINGAPORE: A man recently took to social media to ask whether it’s feasible to have a Chinese wedding with a budget of $40,000 to $50,000.

In a post on r/askSingapore, he shared his concerns about whether this budget would cover all the expenses, particularly given the size of his and his girlfriend’s families.

He explained that they have many relatives, 43 aunts and uncles and their partners, which could easily double the guest count. 

This prompted him to consider the wedding logistics carefully, including the number of tables needed. He mentioned that he plans to have around 20 tables, or slightly fewer, to accommodate the guests.

“$40-50k will be for a high-end hotel.”

In the comments section, the Singaporean Redditors assured the man that $40-50,000 is enough for a wedding if he intends to have twenty tables. 

One Redditor said that with some savvy planning, any budget can work.

He then suggested looking for a more affordable restaurant instead of a fancy hotel, choosing the cheapest menu options, and trying to score discounts and freebies wherever possible.

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He also recommended booking the venue early to snag a good deal. Furthermore, he suggested cutting expenses on outfits and decorations to allocate more of the budget to essential aspects like food and venue.

Another Redditor remarked that $40-50,000 is a big budget for a wedding. He then wondered whether the parents were footing the initial costs.

Some Redditors shared insights into their own wedding budget.

One Redditor recalled that she and her partner had their wedding at Voco Orchard Singapore and that they had 24 tables. They signed a contract for $42,000, which equated to $175 per head.

They also included expenses for wedding photography and videography totalling $2,700, wedding gown and suit rental, makeup costing $2,500, and pre-wedding photos amounting to $2,000.

Despite hosting a sizable number of guests, they kept their total expenses under $50,000, she said. She then added, “If you got budget, you can work with it. But of course, you need to bargain hunt, negotiate, etc.”

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Another shared, “FYI, there was a couple who held their wedding lunch at their 4-room HDB unit a few years ago for just $9k and they had about 50 attendees.

They found an affordable caterer that serves reasonably good Chinese food and everyone was happy. So yes, you can do the wedding the non-elaborate way.

With $10-11k, you can go for a low-range Chinese restaurant. With $20-30K, a mid-range restaurant. $40-50k will be for a high-end hotel.”

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