Lifestyle Seungri scandal: Another woman gives testimony of sexually assault

Seungri scandal: Another woman gives testimony of sexually assault

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Lee said that she was sexually assaulted by Kim while she was unconcious

Seoul – New testimony has been given by another victim in the Seungri sex scandal who said she was sexually assaulted.

On April 19 (Friday), an episode of SBS’s “8 O’Clock News,” reported that a woman going by the name of “Lee” travelled from abroad to Korea to give her testimony to the authorities.

It was reported by allkpop, that Mr Kim, a member of the chatroom, allegedly molested Lee while overseas during a get-together in 2016. Seungri, singer-songwriter Roy Kim, and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk were also on that trip.

The episode shared a portion of the chatroom conversation and revealed Seungri saying, “Eight have been recruited,” while another member with a surname Park, replied with, “Wow, great.”

According to Soompi, Lee only agreed to the gathering with the men she was not acquainted with because her female friends were also tagging along and that they were to stay in separate rooms with strict security measures.

Lee shared how she lost consciousness while in the living room of one of the men’s rooms after dinner and some drinks. Despite her usual high tolerance for alcohol, Lee succumbed to intoxication.

Her friends placed her in a separate room adjacent to the living room but found her in a different one the following morning. “There was another room attached through a bathroom,” said Lee.

“They didn’t find me in the place where I’d been lying down, they found me in the opposite room.”

Her friends discovered Lee stripped of her clothes and were screaming at her to try and wake her to her senses. “They were yelling at me to wake up and open my eyes. Apparently, they had been trying to wake me up for over 30 minutes by pinching me on my cheeks, thighs, arms, and stomach,” said Lee.

It was only after the chatroom logs were released that Lee found out what happened to her three years ago. There was a video attached by Mr Kim with the following conversation involving him, retired musician and actor Choi Jonghun, and the admin of the chatroom, Jung Joon Young.

Mr. Kim: shares video file

Choi Jonghun: “What is this. It’s so short”

Mr. Kim: shares another video file

Choi Jonghun: “What is this. She is passed out”

Kim: “What if she is”

Jung Joon Young: ㅋㅋ (Lol) you r*ped her

The Straits Times reported that the men remained in contact with her even after the incident as if nothing happened. After the scandal broke, Lee realized that they weren’t true friends. “Even though I considered them friends, it wasn’t the same for them. I can’t help but think they simply treated me like an object. I was ashamed,” she shared.

Mr Kim, when questioned by the police, said, “The sex was consensual.”

Seungri’s lawyer previously added that his client “doesn’t remember what happened because it was so long ago.”

Police have confirmed Lee’s identity in the video and have charged Mr Kim with ‘quasi-rape’ (engaging in sexual intercourse with another person who is in a state of unconsciousness or unable to resist).

When asked why it was only until now that Lee mustered up enough courage to give her testimony, she said, “If this person goes free, they will think that the law is easy, and someone else will be the target of their crimes.”

“I also never thought that I would experience this. Anyone could become a [victim]. It could be my younger sister too. I hope that there will be no more victims, and I thought that I needed to speak out so that [he] receives that level of punishment.”

Investigations are ongoing, including the possible use of drugs due to Lee’s passing out that night.

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