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Security level raised at Environment Building after bomb threat

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The Environment Building and 17 other locations in Singapore faced bomb threats on Wednesday (August 23) but no suspicious objects were found.

SINGAPORE: On Wednesday morning (Aug 23), a bomb threat was received at the Environment Building on Scotts Road. This building is known to house the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE), and its statutory boards the National Environment Agency (NEA) and water agency PUB. 

In an interview with Channel News Asia, a ministry spokesperson stated: “Preliminary checks were done by the police and security officers at the Environment Building and no threat items were found.” 

According to the police, the incident falls under a “case of communicating false information about a harmful thing”.

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Multiple sources said people were allowed to leave the building but not enter it. There was also an email sent to employees at 10 in the morning saying that the building would be under lockdown, but people could leave if they wanted to. 

Photo: YouTube screengrab/ Channel News Asia

Grace Fu, the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment who was overseas during that time, shared on Facebook that she had received news about a ‘security situation’ at the building. 

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She stated at 1 pm that day: “Police had worked with the security officers on premises for preliminary checks and no threat items were found. I’m monitoring the developments closely from here and am in constant contact with my colleagues.” 

An email was sent once again at 12:20 pm, stating that the building would be closed for the rest of the week. 

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The MSE assured on Wednesday (Aug 23) night that they had raised their security level and restricted access to the Environment Building. 

“The safety of all staff and stakeholders of the Environment Building is our priority,” the MSE declared. 

The Environment Building is one of the 18 locations in Singapore that received alleged bomb threats. Others include government buildings and embassies.

The Singapore Police Force found no items of security concern.


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