SINGAPORE: Hazy conditions are to be expected in Singapore after the recent increase in hotspot activity in Sumatra, Indonesia. The National Environment Agency (NEA) reports a total of 23 hotspots were detected last Sunday (Sep 3) and 28 the day before, mostly over southern Sumatra. 

Dry weather is expected to continue in southern and central Sumatra. 

NEA stated: “This may escalate the hotspot and smoke haze situation there and lead to a risk of hazy conditions affecting Singapore.”  

The agency noted that smoke plumes are still away from Singapore and not observed to be drifting directly to Singapore under prevailing winds from the southeast. The 24-hour pollutant standards index (PSI) across Singapore at 1 pm on Tuesday (Sep 5) was in the “good to moderate” range at 48 to 70. 

NEA is continuously monitoring the situation. The haze in Southeast Asia due to forest fires in Indonesia has become a problem in recent years. 

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Singaporeans have been warned of hazy conditions since May. The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said El Niño conditions in the second half of the year will raise temperatures from June to October.

The Government is making plans to prepare for the possible haze. MSS  encouraged the public to get N95 face masks and keep their air purifiers in good condition.