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Pritam Singh: ‘Faisal Manap is much better today’; ex-Hougang MP Png Eng Huat helps out for now at Kaki Bukit

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"I was able to share with residents who asked, that MP Faisal Manap is much better today, and thanked all for their care and concern,” Mr Singh said

SINGAPORE: On Tuesday (Jul 25), The Workers’ Party confirmed said that its vice-chairman, Aljunied GRC MP Faisal Manap, had suffered a cardiac condition and was in the ICU.

Thankfully, WP Chief and Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh told Bedok Reservoir Road residents by the following evening that Mr Faisal’s condition had improved.

In a Wednesday night Facebook post, Mr Singh said he’d had “a good evening of house visits at Blk 145 Bedok Reservoir Road today.

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I was able to share with residents who asked, that MP Faisal Manap is much better today, and thanked all for their care and concern.”

In the interim, while Mr Faisal is on the mend, Hougang SMC WP MP Mr Png Eng Huat will be stepping in to lend a hand at Kaki Bukit, the ward the WP vice-chair represents, until Mr Faisal is back in action.

Mr Faisal’s need for a timeout due to health concerns comes at a challenging time for the WP. The party’s Aljunied GRC MPs—Mr Singh, party chair Sylvia Lim, Mr Faisal and Mr Gerald Giam, are already one man down as of last week, with the resignation of former MP Leon Perera, after news of an extramarital affair with former WP Youth Wing President Nicole Seah.

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However, Mr Singh’s post underscored that he is on the ground with constituents, listening to their stories and sharing their concerns.

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“Amongst many residents, I met Philip who is part of a group of 60-year olds who play soccer regularly in Bedok. He showed me some pictures of his kakis and they all look super-fit! Except for the fact that they play on Sunday mornings (which is usually a busy day of the week for WP MPs), I would love to join them. Like so many residents, Philip was generous with drinks and time (and his Domino’s pizza!).

Some floors down, I met Aishah and family who have just welcomed a new baby to the family, born just a week ago. It was great to know that a fair number of new families in the block have their families residing nearby (or in one case, just a few doors away).”

After thanking residents for spending time with him, he promised to look into one piece of feedback he had received concerning the recent frequent breakdown of one lift at the block with the AHTC lift team and to follow up on other feedback as well.

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“And I will be back very soon to complete house visits at the block!” he added. /TISG

WP MP Faisal Manap in ICU for cardiac condition

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