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Obnoxious jaywalker on the phone while crossing the road, then attempts to kick passing vehicle

The incident occurred on and a video was uploaded on SG Vigilante – SGRV’s Facebook page




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Singapore – The signal light turns green, the pedestrian crosses and vehicles make way – this is an ideal example.

Unfortunately, it is generally understood that pedestrians are given the right of way, even when the opposite is true; because motorists do not have the option to run them over in any case.

On July 18 (Thursday), a man, presumably Singapore’s most pedestrian, was caught on camera crossing the street.

The video was uploaded on SG Vigilante – SGRV’s Facebook page which noted that the incident occurred at .

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It could have been a normal situation except the man tried to cross on a red light while engrossed on his phone and did not initially see the incoming vehicle.

Instead of briefly apologising and stepping aside, like any other pedestrian, the man became enraged.

He could be seen in the footage gesturing with his hands as if asking why the vehicle was trying to pass.

He pointed to the signal light repeatedly, which was clearly red, by the way, then continued to argue with the driver.

It didn’t stop there.

The vehicle tried to inch forward and pass but the man merely took a step closer to block its way.

Perhaps he remembered he needed to cross to the other side (probably before the lights turned green?) because he started to walk away.

But not before an attempt to kick the vehicle’s bumper. The man placed a foot up intending to stomp the car as it passed by.

Just wow.

Kudos to the driver for being alert and preventing a possible road accident.

Watch the video below:

18jul2019Balestier Roadredlight, still want to cross.cam car horn and then try to inch forward. not scare. ………… sit back , relax. watch for yourself..

Posted by SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Saturday, July 20, 2019

It maybe be common sense but pedestrians are advised to ensure that the light is green before crossing and as an added precaution to look left and right before walking out onto the street.

It is best to steer clear from using mobile devices while crossing. -/TISG

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