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Republican candidate Nikki Haley has made a statement that went viral. Right after her opponent, Ron DeSantis dropped out in support of Trump, she states, “may the best woman win.” However, conservatives fear that she may start more wars than necessary to prove her point as President. 

Breitbart states, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley reacted playfully to the news of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended his presidential campaign. Acknowledging DeSantis’s campaign and calling him a good governor, Haley emphasized that the race now features “one fella and one lady” since other male contenders have dropped out. 

She presented the choice as a decision between continuity and change, advocating for a united America addressing issues like inflation, education, and border security. Haley asserted her commitment to a strong America, with two days left until New Hampshire’s primary. 

Nikki Haley still unpopular among conservative Americans 

X users are throwing several accusations towards the former South Carolina Governor. They claim that her former position in Boeing may lead her to make several decisions as President that may benefit the company. These are strong allegations however, X users are all around claiming that she may start more wars. 

Some portals claim that she hid Boeing’s political spending. Again, this is another alleged claim. 

It went to the point where conservatives are calling Haley “delusional” after DeSantis dropped from the race. Conservatives say that the latter made Florida prosper under him, while Haley is filled with endless criticisms. The criticisms mainly come from her rather controversial remarks from the past. 

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