The topic of illegal immigrants coming into America in droves are still sadly relevant in 2024. Furthermore, sanctuary cities that are filled with Democrat voters are unable to sustain the amount of illegals coming in. The state of Texas is refusing to deal with this problem as they have been vocal about illegals coming into their state. 

According to, Governor Greg Abbott, in collaboration with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas National Guard, continues Operation Lone Star to secure the border, combat drug, weapon, and human smuggling, and thwart transnational criminal activities between ports of entry. 

Since its inception, the operation has resulted in over 496,000 illegal immigrant apprehensions and 38,500 criminal arrests, with more than 34,900 felony charges. In the battle against the fentanyl crisis, Texas law enforcement has seized over 453 million lethal doses during the mission. 

Operation Lone Star addresses the gaps created by the Biden Administration’s failure to secure the border, with Governor Abbott highlighting the impact on migrant crossings and ongoing efforts, including reinforcing strategic barriers. 

X users showing massive support to Texas for being firm towards illegal immigrant crisis 


X users state that this is the proper way for a democratic country to handle a crisis like this. The Federal government is able to give naturalization status to illegals, but each American state has their own authority on how to handle illegal migrants coming into the country. 

Conservatives state that Texas should be helped by other states who have a stance against illegal migration. Furthermore, many are happy to know that at least, Texas is doing the best they can in order to dampen the situation. Many others are sad to know that the border patrol is allowing illegals to come into America without any consequences. 


Some Americans are upset at former President Trump for not solving this problem like he promised he would. While others are accusing the illegals of wanting free healthcare and housing from the Federal government, while Americans are struggling to survive the post-pandemic economy. 

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