SINGAPORE: Everyone’s entitled to their opinion; however, one netizen learned the hard way that some thoughts are better left unsaid when he faced severe backlash for publicly criticizing Singaporeans’ spending habits.

In a post on r/SingaporeRaw on Tuesday (June 18), the netizen labelled Singaporeans as ‘fools’ for spending $100,000 on weddings, $100,000 on HDB renovations, and $1 million on resale properties.

He sarcastically added:

“They are really very rich. Love debts, even those normal job holders with no family backings also taking up loan and work until 65 years old and every month stress to pay these off. Really, kudos to them for their determination.”

“Why do you project your own poverty onto others?”

The Reddit users reacted negatively to his post and strongly criticized him for passing judgment on how others decide to live and manage their finances.

A few speculated that his harsh comments might be coming from a place of jealousy or being left out because his friends are doing well financially.

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One user said, “Sorry to hear you can’t afford those numbers while those who can, happily do it, and also because it’s their money, not yours, and they’ll spend it the way they like it and not how you like them to.

But kudos to you for making assumptions toward individuals you don’t know. Very brave, foolish and kumgong at the same time.”

Another asked him, “Why do you project your own poverty onto others?”

A third user explained that these so-called “fools” are essential since their spending helps sustain Singapore’s status as a developed nation, thereby attracting investments and foreign capital.

A fourth user injected a bit of humour into the conversation, suggesting that it’s best to simply let the netizen be envious of others’ wealth.

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