Lifestyle Food Netizen sees rat in supermarket, staff says it is normal

Netizen sees rat in supermarket, staff says it is normal

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Others urge him to report the incident to the authorities

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user shared his unexpected experience when he saw a rat at the supermarket. If having a rat inside the supermarket is surprising, the reaction of the staff is more shocking.

u/DoctorKrakens mentioned in r/askSingapore: “Just saw a rat running around inside a supermarket. Told a staff and they said it’s normal. I guess cos it was middle of the night? It just really surprised me cos it’s the first time I’ve seen a wild rat in bright lighting and bro be hugeee. Pretty sure I saw it get into the vegetables too. Must be eating healthy and growing well.”

He added that he is not scared of rats, it’s just that the incident is not sanitary at all.

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“ doesn’t seem sanitary to just let the rats come and shop at night without doing anything about it,” the user said.

He did not name the supermarket.

“Not gonna name the supermarket in case I get sued or something,” the user concluded.

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Other users commented on the post and said that it was not normal.

One user declared: “No it’s not normal. Report it to SFA (think it’s SFA? correct me if I’m mistaken) since the supermarket isn’t doing anything about it.”

The comment gained a reply from the original user stating: “Ah they need a picture before can submit through app though. I didn’t think to take photo and honestly it’d probably be near impossible. I can’t even take a picture of my pet mice in a cage without them moving around, I probably can’t chase a rat through a supermarket.”

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is the statutory board under the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment that is responsible for food safety and security in Singapore.

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